September 2010
The BLACKWING ASHCAN is finally on sale. Soon I will be adding the autographed version as well, which will be limited, and certified.

For fan that want to be digital, we have not forgotten you! There are negotiations in the works to provided Work Horse comics for your favorite electronic device.

July 2010
The FREE Work Horse Webcomics are On-Line! Enjoy our first effort: J.J. Sokko And Titano The Mighty Robot.

May 2010
I have added the WORK HORSE COMICS UNIVERSE. You can se most of it by going to Soon all the profiles will be linked to this site, and to each other. Please bear with us as we get the bugs out.

February 2010
WORK HORSE COMICS is proud to announce theUPDATE of it's website. We hope you will bear with us as we continue to update the site with more content. We'll have our Universe page, webcomics and titles up and running in the near future with many more surprises to come! Many thanks to the efforts of Tim Harris and Johanne Gagnon whom created much of the artwork for the site.

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