Karl Dabney
Publisher / Editor-In-Chief / Writer / Receptionist / Fanboy / Custodial Engineer / Dreamer
Karl Dabney has been a comic book fan since he was eight years old. By the time he was in high school he knew he wanted to be a writer. Despite having an hand in creating just about every thing that is a Work Horse Comic, Karl's proudest achievement came from a fan nicknaming him "the Black Stan Lee."

Contact: kdabney@workhorsecomics.net

Tim Harris
Freelancer / Digital Painter / Artist
In between his school work, Tim has designed some of Work Horse Comics' most exciting characters.

Barbara Marker
Freelancer / Traditional Artist/ Colorist
A talented illustrator working on various creative ventures. See more of her work at www.BarbaraMarkerArtist.com
Kendra Hale Freelance Inker - Moving quickly up the indie comics ladder. Mother of two and married, she is co-owner of All Hale Studios which she runs with her penciller husband. An expansive resume made up of amazing companies, she is currently on as Inker for Vapor for CMD Entertainment, Worlds Edge for Comics United and freelances for several other companies such as Work Horse Comics. Her art can be found at facebook.com and soon her self written titles Everyday Hero and Serene will be out to read!

Winston Blakely
Freelancer / Former Teacher / Artist
Aside for being a comic book artist, Winston is a self-proclaimed "comic book junkie." He has worked for a couple of well-known publishers, and has in recent years, created his own characters. Winston also has a B.A. degree in Fine Arts.

Credits: Eternal Warrior (artist), Ninja (artist), Hardcorps (artist), Little Miss Strange (co-creator/artist), Pozitron (creator/artist).
Contact: wblakely@workhorsecomics.net for private commissions.

Cyrus Hunter
Freelancer / Digital Painter / Creative Artist
A talented illustrator working on various creative ventures.
Flavia Guttler - A talented young artist, Flavia Gutler has contributed to the creation of a number of Work Horse Comic's characters, including Arahna Negra, Chuma, Candle, and many of the characters for the webcomic POWERFLEX & THE SENTINELS OF JUSTICE.POWERFLEX
Wes Siler WHC Comics Writer - Overcoming a number of personal challenges, Wes Siler has earn a BFA in Creative Writing from St. Andrews Presbyterian College. As a result of his various illneses, Wes began writing to pass the time. Since joining WHC, Wes has married, and has new pet, Baby Dee, a cat.
Freelance Illustrator - From Wisconsin, Douglas Arthur, is an up and coming talent. A lifelong love for drawing, he had never consider going professional until a college roommate who had a whole bookshelf full of 'em got me into the Marvel Universe and was hooked. He really loves the craft. Currently he's a substitute teacher, but he is looking forward to drawing comics full-time.
Andy Lucas
Publisher /Charon Productions
Has teamed with Work Horse Comics to bring you "Heavenly Bodies"."

Contact: alucas@workhorsecomics.com

Bryan E. Warner Independent Creator- As anartist from Redmond Oregon(a.k.a. Central Oregon ), he is employed at a small commercial print shop. He has a lovely Wife "Renee" and 4 Children, 2-Grown 2-on the home stretch. Being a life long artist with 30yrs of Oil-painting he has been encouraged by his family to go after his long lost dream of making comics.

Doug Holverton
Publisher /Leonine Press
Born in the gap between the Boomers and Xers (and feel more affinity towards the latter), raised on farm, watched original Star Trek reruns and Saturday morning cartoons, launched model rockets (particularly found of Centuri ), did chores, and day dreamed about interstellar flight to places far away from the farm. He is a former tractor mechanic, former automated pneumatic turret press operator, former graphics work station operator, an ex-nuclear worker, sometimes Mensa member. Doug has an IWCC electronics degree and UTI commercial art degree. He has put out about three dozen small press comic books. Doug has created "Captain Saucer", "Fanboy", and "InterStellar OverDrive"."

Contact: dholverton@workhorsecomics.com

William Foster
Independent Creator - Born in Akron, Ohio, William Foster has always a science fiction and horror fan, with his favorite movie being the film THE EXORIST, he is also a fan of Marvel's Vision and Silver Surfer. His first venture into the world of comics is his Enforcers Cyber Comic for which he has created several interesting characters.
Jay LaValley - A Veteran letterer, Jay has worked independently for several studios, in addition to be the publisher of Destiny Valley Comics.Jay LaValley
Natasha Parrish Glee Girl Comics Publisher/Illustrator/Writer/Colorist/Letterer - A New York transplant, Natasha is originally from North Carolina, which she left to attend college. During college she did work as a greeting card illustrator, aftercollege, she has had work as a toy designer. Then one day, she found herself unemployed for six months, and that sparked her desire to become an entrepreneur, and publish herself, to share her art and stories. Currently, she is doing CALICO GIRLS for Work Horse Comics, and getting an animated series on to TV
Sandy Panico
Magic Quartz Comics Publisher/ Artist/ Editor/Writer - A graduate of the Art Institute of Boston, Sandy Panico has created Cuatro & The Zylonian Knights. For her work, she has won the Gold Key Award and has been a blue ribbon finalist. Comic book illustration, script writing, publisher of Magic Quartz Comics, and horseback riding, is just not enough for Sandy, she also plans to become an animation artist.
Kathyrn Cornell Freelance Colorist/Writer/Independent Creator - Kathryn Cornell is the daughter of a musician and an artist. She is a writer with an active imagination and is a fan of shows with a good story. She is a fan of Stan Sakai whom she sees as a personal hero.
Maurice Peyton Freelance Illustrator - Born in Harrisburg, Pa, and is a graduate of Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts where he studied multimedia design. He has an interests are collecting anime and manga, and drawings. Maurice has developed a manga-ish style of drawing over the years and decided to go with it.

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